Comparing Omron Safety PLCs With Other Brands

The safety of your employees is among your top priorities as a business owner. As such, you need a reliable safety system in your industrial plant that will aid in minimizing risks. A programmable logic controller (PLC) that guarantees the safety of your employees and equipment is a necessity. Omron is one of the most dependable brands in the industry, and the safety products they offer are both versatile and reliable. We will compare Omron safety PLCs with other brands in the market to show you why they’re a cut above the rest.

General Functionality

Omron safety PLCs have a reputation for their outstanding functionality. They offer a wide range of functions that cater to various applications. The brand’s safety controllers come with features like emergency-stop and guard-locking switches, which ensure your machinery and equipment stop when necessary to prevent accidents. Omron safety PLCs also have a diverse I/O module, which allows connection to multiple safety sensors.

Other brands offering safety PLCs may be more expensive, but they may not have the full list of functionalities that Omron products do. Additionally, some brands require basic programming proficiency, making them complicated to use. Omron safety PLCs offer simple programming and user-friendly interfaces.

Application Flexibility

The flexibility of Omron safety PLCs is apparent in their product line. Omron safety PLCs range from compact models to advanced models, making them suitable for all industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace. The brand’s control products come with advanced machine safety features, with some models having safe-torque-off functions. These functionalities guarantee that machinery and other equipment stop safely in cases of an emergency.

Safety PLCs from other brands often work best with other products in their lineup, making it difficult to integrate safety systems into equipment from other manufacturers. In contrast, Omron’s safety PLCs can connect to other brands’ safety systems, making them more versatile and flexible.

Overall Quality

The quality of a safety PLC is critical as it deals with the safety of employees and equipment. Omron safety PLCs have the necessary certifications to meet various industrial safety standards, such as SIL3 and PLe. Omron also ensures their products pass rigorous safety tests before releasing them to the market.

While other brands offer safety controllers that meet industrial safety standards, Omron focuses primarily on safety PLCs and safety solutions, enhancing their quality assurance measures.

Ongoing Support

Omron’s ongoing support offerings are another important factor to touch on when comparing Omron safety PLCs with other brands. Omron’s support team offers technical support to guide users in maintenance, repairs, and software upgrades. They aim to help you keep your safety system operating smoothly all year round.

On the other hand, other brands may have limited technical support, resulting in a delay in addressing user issues, which can affect the safety of employees and equipment. Omron’s focus on their safety systems’ availability means their support team has the training and experience necessary to handle user complaints.

Omron safety PLCs are a top choice for business owners looking for a reliable safety system. As such, it’s only natural that we’d include them in our extensive inventory. As an Omron PLC distributor, PLC Direct has a large collection of options for you to choose from. Shop with us today to find your perfect safety solution.